Sparx Men’s Flip-Flops and House Slippers

4 out of 5


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The flip-flops by Sparx come with funky designs and are durable enough to last longer. The Sparx SF0037G features a clever design and an anti-skid sole to ensure a steady grip and comfortable walking experience.

3 reviews for Sparx Men’s Flip-Flops and House Slippers

4 out of 5
  1. Diy-er

    Medium quality slippers, very comfy, lasts 9 months to an year (update, tried 3 more sets and lasting 6 months). Some people saying they last a long time is not right. If you use in bath and wet them often they break quickly. I have used 4 pairs till date since 2 years. here are pros and consPros:1. very comfy2. grip is good3. looks good does not get dirty easily4. very lightcons:1. moderate life, does not last long2. a little pricier considering it does not last well3. I have moved to another brand and testing it, from amazon

  2. 5🌟 Creations

    Nice product… its fit & design more than exepting..Quality also very good.Fast fast delivery in 1day..Suggested for buyying…

  3. Kapil Aggarwal

    Looks beautiful and slim.. I wear 9UK and bought size 9 ..fits well ..Minor issue is with weight, this product is slim and robust but relatively heavy.If you care too much about fatigue then you may not love that aspect in it

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